At Green Room Dog Grooming we offer a full range of dog grooming services.

I use only high quality products with safe and natural shampoos and high end scissors and blades.

Please note all prices quoted are the minimum charge, extra charges may occur if the dog is matted or has fleas.  See below for a list of additional charges that may apply.

Puppy Introduction

Bathing, drying, blueberry facial (where appropriate) face tidy, nail clip, feet trim and hygiene trim
– from £20 per puppy



Full Groom

Bathing, blueberry facial, drying, ear cleaning and plucking (where appropriate), nail trim, brush through and clip or scissor as required – see sample prices below

Nail Clipping

This is a service I don’t charge for, instead I request that for every set of nails I                clip  the owner makes a small (suggest £5 – 10) donation to a fantastic dog charity that is close to my heart, read more about PAWS here 

Paws Pelion do amazing work in a remote area of southern greece and they saved my beautiful boy Hugo from starvation after he was abandoned on a remote beach in the middle of winter.

Hand Stripping

  • – from £45

Full Grooming

This is a small selection of the dog breeds we groom and the prices we charge

Each dog is an individual so the price may vary slightly which will be discussed if necessary when you bring your dog along for its first appointment, as such these are guide prices.

A full groom includes: bath with shampoo, conditioner, a blueberry facial (if appropriate), towel then blast dry, clip or scissor trim, ear clean, hygiene area clip, nail clip, face clip/shaping all finished with a gorgeous scent.

    • Bichon Frise – £35

    • Boxer – £30

    • Cavalier – from £35

    • Cavapoo – from £35

    • Chihuahua – from £20

    • Cocker Spaniel – from £35

    • Cockerpoo – from £35

    • Dachshund – from £25

    • French Bulldog – £25

    • German Shepherd – from £50

    • Golden Retriever – from £45

    • Jack Russell – from  £20

    • Labradoodle – from £40-45

    • Labrador – from £35

    • Lhasa Apso – from £35

    • Miniature Schnauzer – from £37

    • Springer Spaniel – from £35

    • Standard Schnauzer – from £45

    • Pomeranian – from £35

    • Poodle family

      • Miniature – from £40

      • Standard –  from £45

      • Toy –           from £35

    • Pug –   from £25

    • Shih Tzu – from £35

    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier – £25

    • Tibetan Terrier –  from £35

    • West Highland Terrier – from £38

    • Yorkshire Terrier – from £32


I generally work one to one but will take two cohabiting dogs at the same time and offer a small discount for two brought in at the same time.


Other breeds and services on request

Additional charges may apply for flea infestations – from £5 and matting from £5.  As I work on a one in one out basis and do not allow customers dogs to overlap for safety reasons I also charge a late fee of £5 per 15 minute as late collection may result in the next dog being cancelled.


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