About Green Room Dog Grooming

I set up Green Room Dog Grooming in August 2016 after completing an intensive course and gaining my Level 3 City and Guilds Certificate. Until October 2017 I ran Green Room on a part time basis and continued as a part time social worker, finally leaving social work in October 2017 to focus on Green Room full time.

I work from a lovely and tranquil cabin in my back garden in Upper Leytonstone. My purpose build dog grooming cabin offers a lovely, stress free environment for the dogs I look after. I work on a one to one basis (unless two dogs from the same household come together), dogs are never caged and I don’t allow dogs to overlap.  I have a large window in the cabin that overlooks a bird feeder and many of the dogs are utterly transfixed by the feeding birds and forget they are being groomed at all!


My approach is calm and relaxing and I have had some success with nervous dogs, I use high quality shampoos, scissors, blades and other products and take a history before the dogs first groom so I am aware of any allergies, likes/dislikes (for example many dogs don’t like to have their feet touched) behavioural challenges and so on.

Most dogs will be given a blueberry facial as part of the groom and nervous dogs may benefit from a massaging shampoo.  All dogs will be sprayed with one of my lovely colognes at the end of their groom.

I use natural and cruelty free products, in particular Hownd Shampoos which I find gentle yet effective.


My equipment is high quality, well maintained and sterilised between grooms.  I particularly love scissors and have over a dozen pairs, here are just a few:

Maintaining equipment is an important part of the grooming process, scissors and blades are sharpened and clippers serviced when required and they are kept clean and oiled.

I constantly strive to improve my service and attend additional training courses.

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As part of my desire to continue developing my understanding of dogs and their needs I attend courses at the IMDT



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